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Congratulations to the winners of our

Relationships First/ Restorative Justice

in Education Bulletin Board Challenge!

 Second BB photo credited to: Villanova Junior High in NL.

Tracy K. Bowers (B.Ed, B.Sp.Ed., M.Ed)

Art / Home Economics

Villanova Junior High, C.B.S

Explanation/ Purpose of Bulletin Board: 

My idea for this bulletin board was the incentive for the Art project for my Grade 6 students, while also teaching them the concept of Analogous colour schemes. Analogous colours are a group of three colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel. I discussed it as an analogy: How "analogous colours" are like good neighbours. - They live next to each other, and while they may be different from each other, they work together to create harmony when put together.  Over 100 pieces of student art is included on this bulletin board - and all Grade 6 students, regardless of ability, has their artwork included, promoting the importance of inclusion of all students.  Their artwork, coupled with the meaningful quote by Nelson Mandela, "It is in Your Hands to Create a Better World for ALL who live in it",   has promoted much discussion and interest within our school population.   We discussed that every hand was decorated to be unique and individual, and although individually each was beautiful, it wasn't until they were all placed together, could we see the beautiful blend of rainbow colours it created.  The hands are purposely placed in a circle around the world - not only to show how it is in all of  "our hands" to make the world a better place for everyone, but also to show how we are all interconnected, and no one hand is more important than any other.   By coming together, we can make everything more beautiful. 


Emily Sopkowe (B.A., B. Ed., M.Ed.)

Villanova Junior High, C.B.S

Explanation/ Purpose of Bulletin Board: 

Every year, I work with students to create an advent calendar of kindness that focuses on building relationships with others in our school community. This could include small actions for classmates, other students at grade level, and various staff in the building including administration and custodial staff. We brainstorm together, and the students work with a partner to choose an act of kindness for each school day in December. The goal of this calendar is to highlight how we can build relationships with others in our school community.  One pair of students this year suggested that our act of kindness for one day could be, simply, "smile". I am planning to ask students what they are thinking and feeling during the kindness advent, and who they think may be impacted by their actions. I am hopeful that some students may recognize that while they are building their relationship with others in our school community, these actions are also building their relationship with themselves, which is the foundation of our relationships with others.


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