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  • Laura Barr

Responding to #LBRJEchat

I have experienced this pandemic from a valuable perspective, both as a teacher and student.

I teach private music lessons, I am a pre-service teacher, and I am also a student. When covid-19 hit, I struggled with the pressure of ensuring the kids I teach felt connected to me virtually, that the kindergarteners that I had done my winter placement with (and visited each week after) did not think I abandoned them, and the pressure of completing my semester, preparing for intercession, and not knowing what my degree would look like come September. I love working with children, I love helping students become valuable members of society, and I love when a previous student of mine returns to tell me I made a difference.

#LBRJEchat has allowed me to focus on WHO I want to be as a teacher, and HOW I want to build relationships with my students. If there is one thing I think we've all learned in transitioning to teaching virtually, it's that it may be difficult to teach topics online, but it isn't hard to ask a student how they are feeling, what they are experiencing, and what they are hoping for. Having the #LBRJEchat to listen to, has given me support for the basis of how I always tried to teach students, both in school and during our private lessons. To further this, it has really explained how I create new relationships, how I cherish the relationships I have, and how I value those around me.

Both #LBRJEchat and the Justice Lead Episode 4 are great resources for ANYONE. Not just a classroom teacher, but a guardian, a CEO, a manager, and more. If you would like a quick introduction to get your toes wet, take a listen to Justice Lead. To further your knowledge I would highly recommend listening to each episode of #LBRJEchat which is recorded and posted on our site!

A pandemic-ridden pre-service teacher,

Laura Barr

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