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Now, NOT Later--Just One (3)

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Now, NOT Later- A Blog Series (Part 3)



Today is the day for doing just one thing differently in my life that will begin to dismantle the structures & systems around me that continue to be a benefit to me, but a burden to others. Echoing in my head are words I say in almost every course or workshop I facilitate,

People created our current policies; people can change policies.

People created our current systems; people can change systems.

The danger of this time—3 months after the start of the pandemic and the onset of social isolation, 3 weeks after the murder of George Floyd and the marches that brought thousands of people together around a common cause--is that I become tired, that we (as in those of us that benefit from power and privilege) become tired. When this happens it’s easy to let the power of our current policies and systems re-root themselves and then to forget that policies and systems are not entities separate from who we are as people, but extensions and expressions of who we are. We are responsible for changing ourselves and our systems. Being tired is no excuse.

And so today, I

will engage in


just-one thing

that I can


to live into my commitment to

And tomorrow I will choose

just-one more thing


The invitation: just join in justly.

Restorative justice is about honouring all people as worthy and interconnected which requires that at this time and all times, we support and uphold the most vulnerable amongst us first. It’s often hard to know how to live this out, to sort out what to be involved in, to pick and choose. Our recommendations for current (June-August) restorative justice-based events/resources based on similar frameworks as Relationships First: Restorative Justice Education:

For Educators:

On-line professional learning, webinars, conferences:

Restorative Justice in Education Conference (Eastern Mennonite University)

For anyone seeking support for engaging with restorative justice in their organizations in a manner that is responsive to race:

Follow us on Facebook & Twitter for other options.

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