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Healthy School Policy



School Health

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Portions copied from:

Joint Consortium for School Health. Schools as a Setting for Promoting

Positive Mental Health:

Better Practice and Perspectives. 

(January 2010)

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Planning Effective Leadership

Planning Safe and Caring Environments

Planning Inclusion

Planning Restorative Practices

Planning Professional Development and Training

Planning Student Services and System Collaboration

Potential Health Policy Team

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Greg Woolgar

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NLESD Program Itinerant for Safe and Inclusive Schools (Avalon East)

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Jessica Webb

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NLESD Program Itinerant for Safe and Inclusive Schools (Avalon East)

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Rich Churchill

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NLESD Program Itinerant for Safe and Inclusive Schools (Vista/Burin)

Here's the plan...

One of the benefits of building strong relationships is the ability to leverage key resources toward common goals.  In this case, these resources are some fantastic people working as Program Itinerants with the NLESD for Safe and Inclusive Schools.  With feet on the ground, travelling to multiple schools and other members of the educational community every day, they have a fostered understanding of key issues around comprehensive school health policy.  And they have the unique ability to generate advocacy in schools and influence policy discussions.   


Greg Woolgar and Jessica Webb travel to multiple schools in the Avalon East district every week and employ social and emotional learning activities and restorative practices for the promotion of safe and inclusive schools.  Richard Churchill is the Vista/Burin itinerant and is a strong advocate for mental health.  He has a burgeoning interest in podcasting and other digital media technologies that can help generate media interest and policy discussion.


The idea would be to invite Greg and Jessica to visit schools in the district and generate some restorative circle activities around the topic of boys' and men's interests and perspectives.  It is hoped this might generate some rethinking and healing with some of the boys in the classrooms that may feel uncomfortable sharing their vulnerability and negative experience during the SOE.   This could generate some advocacy efforts in the schools.  Hopefully some high school boys can help mentor primary/elementary.  Here's an incentive:

Richard might be able to create a podcast discussion to highlight some of the concerns about boy's mental health and well being.  Their position within the NLESD could offer an opportunity to generate policy discussions and eventually implement changes in the schools.  


Leveraging the right people with the right mindset towards achievable goals is a key factor in the Engineering Design Process.   I believe this is a plan that could work.  

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