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School Health

Excited Children in Science Class

Portions copied from:

Joint Consortium for School Health. Schools as a Setting for Promoting

Positive Mental Health:

Better Practice and Perspectives. 

(January 2010)

Teaching and Learning

Imagine Differences and Diversity

Imagine Culturally Relevant Practices

Imagine Cooperative Methods

The SOE may have revealed some different family structures as the children talk about their experience at home.  Classroom instruction should embed themes of sexual and gender diversity throughout all curricula.   In Language Arts, for example the teacher could read a story about a family with two same-sex parents and discuss different family dynamics, tying in connections to the health and social studies curricula.  
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- This is an opportunity to connect STEM with gender and inclusivity by designing specific scenario cards around the SOE.
- Imaginings of physical and emotional safety and intersectionality

Imagine Autonomy-Supportive Practices

Imagine Strength-Focused Applications

Imagine Social Skill Development

Include a wide variety of books and resources about sex and gender diversity and classroom conditions that support student choice.  Design interesting activities that help self-motivate students to broaden their understanding and become self-directed learners.  The are many useful lesson plans teaching about sexual health from Grade 4 onward, Kahoot quizzes, presentations, interactive tools, print resources, and videos available using the Resource Finder.
Teaching and learning can also refer to teacher learning.  It would be helpful for teachers to get together at lunch or another time to discuss pedagogical methods for teaching about sexual and gender diversity in the classroom.  This can help teacher self-efficacy about guiding children towards a broader understanding of sex and gender.
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