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School Health

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Portions copied from:

Joint Consortium for School Health. Schools as a Setting for Promoting

Positive Mental Health:

Better Practice and Perspectives. 

(January 2010)


Imagine Sustained Family Contact/Communication

Imagine Adult-Student Mentorship Programs

Imagine Partnerships with Family & Youth Agencies

Imagine School & Community-Wide Mobilization

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Imagining the Possibilities

Partnering with Family and Youth Agencies like the Boys and Girls Club of St. John's.  They have many after school programs and summer camps. 
  • Are there possibilities of extending the partnership further with schools? 
  • Big brothers and big sisters could be a welcome comfort to younger boys for social and emotional learning and mentorship following the SOE.
Partnering with the NL Foster Families Association, which offers culturally sensitive school presentations on different family structures.
  • The time spent at home might trigger a recognition from some boys in the school that their family structure is different than their peers.
Inviting community leaders and known advocates for boys'/men's rights, child and youth rights, LGBTQ issues, can help mobilize community support for the group's well being. 
  • Potential speakers:
    • Jordan Stringer - LGBTQ advocate, mental health advocate, men's rights advocate
      • Jordan has been invited to speak at NLESD schools previously​
    • Hasan Hai - community leader, relationship builder, Muslim father, TEDx speaker​
    • Jacqueline Lake Kavanagh - NL Child and Youth Advocate

Partnering with the City of St Johns various youth programs to offer sponsored participation for certain boy groups for learning purposes.  Help to extend perspectives on gendered activities and interests.
  • Youth and the Arts! - painting, sculpting, acting, improv, poetry
  • Cook it up! - cooking skills
  • Wild for Animals - animal care 
  • Other youth programs such as dance, gymnastics, and other activities that are still fighting gendered stereotypes are also offered by other providers in the city and partnerships can be considered with the schools.
Strong partnerships in learning with parents through active engagement by the school and staff.  St Teresa's School is a good example and has a wide variety of parent engagement outreach activities.  They recognize that the parent is the most important person in the child's educational attainment and that partnerships in learning are essential.
  • Sustained relationships with parents will make the transition back from the SOE much more likely to be a positive experience for everyone involved.

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