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the Possibilities!

Utilizing the Engineering

Design Model

Overlooking the Mist

Elements of Design

Asking More

Before imagining, in the engineering design process we first begin asking what is the identifiable need and what are the constraints in place?  In this case, the need is the well being of boys and men following return to schools after the SOE.

Imagining the Possibilities

A World

of Imagination

This section will imagine various possibilities for addressing some of these needs.  The design is intentionally vague and idealized in its conception.  Once imaginings have been reviewed, a realistic game plan can be made.

Planning Ahead

What's the 

Game Plan?

The planning stage in the engineering design process will involve choosing an imagining from each of the Comprehensive School Health Policy four focus areas and describing a feasible implementation plan using real-world initiatives that put our relationships first!

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