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Why Boys?

Boys Running

Boys Don't Cry

The social expectations placed upon men and boys about what they  should and should not do, and the predetermined conception of who they should be, directly affects attitudes and behaviours related to a wide range of health issues.  

These social norms are damaging to men, and especially young boys.  As humans, we are not meant to hold back our tears.  This can be damaging to our well being and our physical and emotional health.


Boys Will Be Boys?

This NY Times article claims that "Boys seem to have been largely left out of the conversation about gender equality.  Even as girls' options have opened up, boys' lives are still constricted by traditional gender norms: being strong, athletic and stoic."

Why do these gender stereotypes persist?  How can I create a more expansive understanding of gender equality and gender roles in my classroom?


The Boys Are Back in Town

I believe that this is a potentially vulnerable group upon returning to schools after the state of emergency has been lifted.  Secluded to their homes for over a week, it is likely there are boys that have undergone emotional stress and need an outlet to express their feelings.  How can I create conditions in my classroom that allow boys to feel comfortable to express themselves fully, shed a tear,  and seek comfort in others?

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